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by RefundWiz™ , Inc.
by RefundWiz™ , Inc.

About MásRefund™

We are first in the world to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to prepare your tax return accurately.


Launch Year

We launched this year to simplify your tax filing for 2022.


Early Release Users

Download the app today and become a pioneer in how you complete your taxes.


Team members

Our incredible team is working hard to make filing taxes a cinch!

The story behind our company

We understand that it took you a whole year to make your money, we just need 5 minutes to help you get it back. We believe that technology can level the economic playing field. Our customers have access to the fastest and efficient tax filing solution ever built, for pennies a day.

Brought to you from our team in beautiful Raleigh, North Carolina.

Meet our team

Incredible people behind growth and success of MásRefund™ and other tools created by RefundWiz™ .
Dr. Simon Karmarkar is the CEO and Founder of Má and , the first AI/ML smartphone e-filing tax return app. Read More